Scholarship scheme for academic exchange
between EU and
Western Balkan countries

Fields of study

All universities in the JoinEU-SEE consortium are comprehensive universities that offer a wide range of studies.

Pfeile klein s Step 1:

Have a look at the list of FIELDS OF STUDY to find out whether the programme you are interested in is offered at one of the partner universities. (Please find a list for the study area codes here.)

Pfeile klein s Step 2:

Have a look at your host university's list of STUDY PROGRAMMES in order to receive detailed information on:

(1) specific admission requirements of the respective study programme, 
(2) additional documents to be uploaded,
(3) language of instruction,
(4) required language certificates to be uploaded,
(5) link to courses/ECTS/learning outcomes (in order to be able to fill in the learning agreement or SRTT plan).

Please note: you can apply only for study programmes indicated in the list of study programmes per university. Other study programmes are not available for JoinEU-SEE applicants.

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