Scholarship scheme for academic exchange
between EU and
Western Balkan countries

Eligibility Check


During step 1 of the selection period, the Local Management Team (LMT) at the home university will be in charge of checking eligibility by reviewing the submitted applications of its students and staff belonging to TG 1.

Pfeile klein s It will take responsibility and guarantee that applicants have proper documents in place to ensure that the exchange period at the host university is recognized and constitutes part of the student’s study record at the home university.

Pfeile klein s The LMT at the home university will also check the eligibility of the applicant in relation with the EM Action 2 eligibility criteria as well as clarify whether the applicant is registered at or employed by the home university (Target Group 1); it will check completeness and authenticity of attached documents, as well as whether the documents have been correctly translated; it will nominate applications of their outgoing students/staff belonging to Target Group 1.

In case applications are "formally not ok" and therefore cannot be accepted, reasons for rejection have to be clearly justified.

Pfeile klein s For TG 2 and TG 3 applications, the Quality Assurance Team will carry out the eligibility check.

Pfeile klein s This eligibility committee is responsible for checking the completeness and authenticity of uploaded documents, whether the eligibility requirements are met, and consequently for nominating the applications.

The LMTs at the home university (for TG1) as well as the eligibility committee (for TG2 and TG 3) guarantee an absence of conflict of interest as well as that students and staff will be selected in a manner respecting principles of transparency and equal treatment.

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