Scholarship scheme for academic exchange
between EU and
Western Balkan countries

Quality Assessment

Nominated applications will then be reviewed and ranked by the LMT at the host university, which guarantees an absence of conflict of interest as well as that students and staff will be selected in a manner respecting principles of transparency and equal treatment. The LMT will review the applications, check if the admission and language requirements are fulfilled and rank the applications.

The ranking result will be based on a number of criteria:

  • Learning agreement (for Undergraduates and Master)
  • Study/research/teaching/training plan (for Doctorates, Post-doctorates and Staff)
  • Motivation statement
  • Academic performance in the past
  • Language skills
  • CV & additional activities

These criteria will be ranked from 1 (excellent) to 5 (rejected) by the host university:

  1. Outstanding application
  2. Above the average standard
  3. Standard application
  4. Application meets the minimum criteria
  5. Rejected: the application is rejected by the host university. The respective host universities need to justify their decisions in case they reject an application. In case an application was rejected by the university of first choice, the application will be evaluated by the host university of second choice (only applicable for undergraduate exchange and master exchange applications).

After ranking the applications, an average value (i.e. ranking result) will be calculated.


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